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Camping it up , up a mountain

The Wowi grrrls and Diva Deb with the Newcastle grrls went on the LIkt summer camp. A big thank you to the organisers and all the volunteers which made it a great experience. Also a big cheer to our new friends from Manchester and Liverpool.
What we learnt (in no particular order)

'Claire' is Macunian for Lesbian

The Americans do 'do' irony - a softball ball is anything but. (Note the six inch bruise between my boobs from when I forgot to catch with the mitt!)

Hand massage, followed by archery is apparently dangerous!!

Hebe is a real name (& she sings like an angel)

You should have 2 escape plans , in case of fire. Be afriad, sooo afraid of the 'amp' (whatever that is)

The ground is hard on top of a mountain - go figure! ( my hips still ache)

Hill is Liverpudlian for 'git big mountain'.

Geordie lasses never stop talking, even in their sleep - apparently

4 Lesbians won't fit under one taupe! Ashington lesbians are just one meal from cannibalism. Beware. Golding knew a thing or two..

by Diva Deb on Tue, 10 Aug 2010 at 11:56

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