TYA Rainbow

Regional grouo for Trans young people

We had our lates meeting of 'ID', thats our name last night.

It was fab. Welcome new members & friends!

Ady came and walked us through whats available to help you transition whether you're in adult services (18 plus) or whether you 're using young people's services.

He also told us our you can get your name officially chnaged without it costing a fortune. More information about this on www.ftm.org.uk

Then Ady answered questions about individual issues.

It was a very emotional night but we also had a right laugh too!!

If you idnetify as transsexual, transgendered, gender neutral, gender variant or are a Transvestite get in contact. This is a great way to meet lifelong friends , get and share information.


by Diva Deb on Wed, 13 Apr 2011 at 09:04

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