TYA Rainbow

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive about TYARainbow! We've tried to explain as much as we can but if there is something you are still unsure about or would like more information, please contact us.

This group is for any young person who wants to join. We are currently made up of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and straight young people and staff.
Yes of course you can! We welcome any new members and might even be able to help answer any questions you might have!
Yes, completely. We never share any of your information or anything you share with the group with anyone else. The only exception is if we think you or someone else is at risk.
We are currently only excepting members aged 13 - 25.
Yes, we are situated in the North East of England but are happy to accept members from all over the UK.
Nope, it's completely free of charge.
Our group meets weekly and we usually just relax and talk together with music. We sometimes sit as a group and discuss current LGBT issues and what we can do about them, gay marriage and adoption is a hot topic at the moment. In the past we have cooked barbeque food, watched movies and attended quiz nights! We are always looking for fun and interesting things to do and weclome any new suggestions from members.
Debbie Walker is in charge of the running of TYARainbow, if you'd like to get in get in touch then simply visit our contact page.
If you're interested in joining our group, the best place to start is by registering online. Remember, we're completely confidential so you don't even have to share your name with us if you don't want to! Registering with our website will give you access to our forum and members section.